BDN Background

Date: 13 Sep 2022

BDN is an Afghan non-governmental and developmental organization. Since its establishment in 2001, it was engaged in improving access to quality health care and other community based developmental projects in Afghanistan. It has a history of successful implementation of health and other developmental projects funded by various donors for more than 18 years all around Afghanistan.

Its experience, expertise and understanding of the situation, with active role in policy and strategy formulation at country level, together with the trust built during the past 18 years within local communities, civil society organizations, government and donors, puts BDN in a position of strength, and currently it is the implementer of the BPHS in two provinces of Afghanistan, namely Baghlan and Balkh, respectively. In addition, it is implementing supplementary projects in the mentioned provinces.

All efforts of BDN are shaped by its mission “to assist communities in the achievement of their own developmental goals” and its vision “a world of enabled communities working towards a brighter future”. BDN puts emphasis on cost effective BPHS/EPHS interventions and capacity building within the Afghan community at national, organizational and community levels, thus helping Afghans to help themselves to contribute in the establishment of a standard health service and a peaceful and stable country.

Structure of the Organization

According to its constitution, BDN has a Board of Trustees with 5 members. All major policy and program decisions are made through the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees appoints the Managing Director to run the organization.

Within BDN there is a management team comprising of Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Internal Audit, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Director, Program Director, Operation Director, Program Managers, PME Manager, Logistics Manager, Finance Manager and Admin/HR Manager, who are responsible for the daily running of the organization. BDN has two offices in Kabul including BDN’s Main Office and BDN’s Health Office. BDN manages two sub/provincial offices in Balkh and Baghlan provinces, which are equipped with communication tools, Internet servers, mobile phones, computers and basic office furniture’s or facilities. BDN has around 1773 health personnel of which nearly 33% is female. In total, 2065 people (89%) are clinical staffs who are working in the filed and the rest is the managerial staffs.

Ongoing Projects

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