Celebrating of Worldwide Breast-feeding Week August 2017

Date: 30 Aug 2017

Celebrating of Worldwide Breast-feeding Week:

The Worldwide Breastfeeding Week was celebrated in Herat that was organized by BDN (Bakhtar Development Network) Office.  A number of provincial health authorities, partners, and stakeholders were invited for the ceremony that was arranged in total of 22 health facilities in the city and district of Herat. The program and plan for celebration was closely coordinated with the provincial health office. On the action side, all health facilities were guided to organize special health education sessions for the visiting clients about the importance of breastfeeding during the week. In addition to that, all CHWs were asked to also organize community based health education sessions focused on the breastfeeding. A number of healthy infants that were exclusively breastfed were identified by the health workers and were presented in the health education sessions as evidence for the benefit of breastfeeding.  

Main Activities:

  1. Conducted meeting with the technical team to share experiences and make an ideal decision.
  2. Conducted meeting with PPHD HRT and shared the prepared plan with them and involved their ideas and recommendations as well.
  3. Conducting of Worldwide Breast-feeding Week celebration at Provincial level with PPHD, stakeholders, UN agencies and related governmental departments in Regional TB conference Hall.
  4. In Herat province at all HFs supported by BDN office a comprehensive Health education plan about the benefits of breast feeding was made and implemented.
  5. A week before started exclusive breastfeeding week in 22 HFs in the city and district of Herat. The health workers there were informed to register all children which are coming to the HFs for screening, MUAC and weighting about nutrition and evaluated, so those children which have exclusive breastfeeding and their age range are between 3 or 6 months and are healthy should title on Healthy Children among the others children.
  6. Informational banners about this week were prepared for community awareness and installed in different locations of Herat city.
  7. During the  celebration  of  Exclusive  Breast  Feeding  week  one  day  marked  in  the specific  HFs  which  on  that  day  we  have  the  representative  of  PPHD,  District Governors, Provincial council members, Key members of community and influential peoples,  Management  team  of  BDN  HRT  office,  health  workers  and  clients  we participated and also  they have  their speech  regarding  this day within  the events  for those children which  identified previously as Healthy Children  that Health Card and gifts  were  provided  and  distributed  then  also  they  were  nominated  as  Healthy Children  in  the  community  level  and  requested  from  those  mothers  of  Healthy Children  to  inform  and  share  their  children  gifts  and  Health  Cards  with  their neighbors and family relatives which the reason of received this gifts only was that to breast  feeding of our children by mother breast milk and nominated our children as Healthy Children at the community and village levels and we are also recommended you to breast feed your children the same of us. 
  8. Other events related the Exclusive Breast Feeding week were held in the HFs level within these events the deputy of PPHD,  District  Governors  and  some  of representatives  of  governmental  departments  were  participated  and  raised  their speech  regarding  the  importance  benefits  of  bread  feeding  as  well  to  the  events participants.

For downloading of complete report please click on below links:                                                                                                                    1.Baghlan WBFW report 2017                                 

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