Afghan context Community Let Total Sanitation Project in Baghlan Province –Nahrin District  -AC-CLTS

Date: 16 May 2018

The goal of the Afghan Context CLTS Program is to contribute in achieving the WASH goal (Improvement in the quality of life of rural communities and reduction in morbidity and mortality from diarrheal diseases, especially among under 5 children and enhance productivity and well-being of the people) by converting communities/districts/provinces into ODF status and achieving the SDG goal # 6.2.

Objectives: following are the main objective of this grant and BDN would achieve them upon completion of the grant period:


  1. Declaring the entire Nahrin district Open Defecation Free (ODF)
  2. Promote hygiene and sanitation practices in Nahrin district
  3. Assist in establishing post-ODF follow up a mechanism for sustainability


Progress toward achieving the goal of the Program will be clear when each of the following objectives is achieved:

  • All 73 communities including 19872 Households (HHS), 139104 inhabitants would be considered as intervention communities of the target districts achieve an open-defecation-free (ODF) village environment.
  • All 19872 households have access to an improved sanitation facility and use it.
  • Increase the use of effective household water treatment methods.
  • Increase the number of households that correctly store water and food.
  • Increase the number of households that have a specific place for hand washing inside or next to the latrine and use it.
  • Increase the number of households with soap at the place of hand washing.
  • Increase the number of mothers of young children who know all critical times for hand washing.
  • Increase the number of mothers who know the definition of diarrhea
  • Increase the number of mothers who know the danger signs of dehydration

BDN signed the grant agreement with FHI360/IHSAN/USAID on 1st May 2018, the project duration is for one year (1st May 2018-30 April, 2019).  In order to achieve desired objectives and goal, 7 CLTS team (each team includes 1 supervisor 4 facilitators /2 male and 2 female) will be recruited, trained and in placed to apply CLTS –methodology, and approaches for 19872 households in 73 villages of Nahrin Districts.

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