Herat Province

Date: 10 Nov 2019

  • System Enhancement for Health Action in Transition (SEHAT II)-HIrat

BDN implemented Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in Herat province from November 2009 till end of December 2018. The BPHS projects were implemented under Partnership Contract for Health (PCH), System Enhancement for Health Action in Transition (SEHAT) and Sehatmandi grant. The BPHS services were provided through 97 fixed Health Facilities (HF) including four District Hospitals (DH), three Comprehensive Health Centers Plus (CHC+), 20 Comprehensive Health Centers (CHC), 33 Basic Health Centers (BHC), 32 Health Sub Centers (HSC) and 5 Mobile Health Team (MHT) . The Community Based Health Care (CBHC) services were provided through 1,098 HPs comprising 2,196 Community Health Workers (CHW), nearly half of whom are women.

  • Community Midwifery Education and Community Health Nursing Education (CME/CHNE):BDN also implemented CME/CHNE programs in Herat province under its SEHAT project. The education programs aim was to train 24 community midwives and 24 community health nurses by using CME/CHNE strategies. The CME/CHNE programs last for 28 months including three months of preparation, 24 months of training and one month for closeout. They were trained and employed after completion of training in the remote areas where the students were selected.  Ghazanfar Institute of Health Science (GIHS) and Afghanistan Midwifery accredited the both programs through specified assessment process.
  • BDN implemented challenge TB project (CB-DOTS) with partnership of Management Sciences for Health (MSH) in Oct 2015-Jun- September 2017, and it was applied at all districts of Hirat  Challenge TB objectives were building the capacity of community health workforces (CHWs & CHSs) and increasing community awareness for strengthening quality TB services at the community level. Targeted groups were community members who had cough for more than two weeks or other sign and symptom of TB. Family members of identified TB cases were screened, diagnosed and treated. The referral system between community and health facilities and slide/sputum sending were strengthened, and as well the laboratory activities. Furthermore, we arranged some awareness events at community level through training, billboard installation and media/radio spot regarding TB (Tuberculosis).

Malaria Services Delivery Program by the community in Herat: Bakhter Development Network had the responsibility of Malaria Services Delivery Program by the community in Balkh, Baghlan, and Herat provinces since 2016 and it is completed in Hirat province on December 2018.
The main purpose of this program was implementation of malaria and delivery of malaria services by CHWs (Community health workers).
Implementation of this program was a good and suitable opportunity for detecting and treatment of malaria patients by assessment of malaria suspected cases, true the RDT (Rapid diagnostic tests) by CHWs, and the Health Facilities, which there was no laboratories.

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